FONIOGOLD® is a unique and 100 % natural birdseed with extremely high feeding values. Many breeders of birds subscribe medicinal properties to this power seeds and it is used in the fight against coccidiose.

Besides protein, vitamins and minerals it contains lots of amino acids. These have a direct effect on the increase of energy and strength, and have a recovering action on birds. The essential amino acid methionine is almost twice as much present as in a chicken egg (!) and also takes care for the birds that they will not become too fat.

FONIOGOLD® is an African seed that is harvested with intensive labour, one hectare will only provide in 500 kg and 1 gram contains about 2000 seeds. If kept dry it is tenable for several years (!) before it will loose its germinal force.

FONIOGOLD® is grown exclusive biological under supervision, without any use of chemical remedies.

Because of the small size it is best to serve apart.

It concerns here a natural and complete bird food, overfeeding is therefore not possible.

Feeding values per 100 gram: Protein 9 gram, Carbohydrate 75 gram, Fat 1.8 gram, Crude fiber 3.3 gram, Ash 3.4 gram, Food energy 1541 KJ
Minerals per 100 gram: Calcium 44 mg, Phosphorus 177 mg, Iron 8.5 mg.
Vitamins per 100 gram: Thiamin (B1) 470.5 mg, Riboflavin (B2) 100.1 mg, Niacin (B3) 190.9 mg.

Amino acids in % of the present protein: 2.5 % Cystine , Isoleucine 4.1 %, Leucine 11.4 %, Lysine 2.5 %, Methionine 4.5 %, Phenylalanine 6.3 %, Threonine 3.7 %, Tryptophan 1.6 %, Tyrosine 3.5 %, Valine 5.5 %.
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